Water Treatment

Pre-PC Water Treatment & Post-PC Water Management

A crucial element to keep any Water Heated/Cooled HVAC System Functioning is to assure the Hydraulic Network is Debris, Blockage Free with Treated & Sustained Water Source. Aventus Environmental specialise in both Conventional & Hydropshere Water Treatment services. Our packages include site surveys prior to commencement to review the then “current” installation & advice if any amendments need to be made to assure the Water Treatment process can be actioned.
  • Pre-Commission Cleaning to BSRIA BG29/2012
  • Filtration methodologies
  • Microbial and chemical analysis and report.
  • Closed system monitoring and maintenance
  • Supply and monitoring of automated dosing equipment
  • Supply, installation and monitoring of side stream filters

Flushing Methodology

Conventional flushing methodology require the need for the removal & replacement of untreated/treated water throughout the flushing process, the amount of water wastage can be reduced using side-stream filtration houses, of which Aventus can suitably size as part of the pre-start survey.

Aventus Environmental have skilled water treatment managers & engineers available to provide site analysis of already “live” development’s, our dedicated team can attend, take suitable samples for laboratory analysis & upon review of results provide a treatment regime or remedial work list to attend any potential issues noted.

Aventus Environmental offer water treatment packages for live developments to review quality & chemical content throughout the life of a development, assuring suitable measures are put in place for continued success. With an arm both in water treatment & water commissioning Aventus Environmental are suitable positioned to assure both elements are achieved to the highest of standards & that all elements of functions are considered when any remedial plan is input.

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