Commisioning Management

Commissioning Management in accordance with CIBSE Code M

With a wealth of Experiences in the Building Services Industry, Aventus Environmental have a Management Team that have worked throughout the UK, Europe & the Middle East. Aventus Environmental are in a position to provide a Commissioning Management Package for any section of the Construction Team, whether the role required is to be for a Developer, Specialist Compliance Consultant, Main Contractor or MEP Contractor.
  • Commissioning reviews
  • Creation of Commissioning Plan and Strategy
  • Chairing of Commissioning Meetings
  • Management and witnessing of Off Site tests
  • Inspections and progress reporting
  • M&E Systems management and witnessing

Development & Maintenance

Aventus Environmental believe the benefit of commissioning management is a critical aspect of any development, whether this be new-build, re-development or even in maintenance role. Through years & vast previous experiences Aventus have seen all elements of the project continually ignore the need to communicate until troubles occur, or work loads diminish, having the correct management structure in place can assure continued service for all parties & also continued success.
These experiences can worsen when dealing with refurbishments that require continued service to other sections/floors of a development or in a “maintained” building where lesser trained staff members will isolate floors/systems without taking into consideration the detrimental effect these may have on another element of the system.

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