Seasonal Commissioning in accordance with BSRIA Guide BG 49/2013

Seasonal Commissioning is an area of our industry that has significantly increased focus and importance. Businesses have become smarter and the emphasis has been focused on preventing potential system failings as opposed to reacting to damaged elements as they deter over time. With a clear and concise approach to seasonal commissioning, system longevity and performance is greatly increased making considerable savings for clients. Aventus Engineers are meticulous in their approach to surveying live systems and provide thorough and detailed reports to support investigations.
  • Commissioning Air Systems in accordance with BSRIA Guide BG 49/2015 and CIBSE Code A
  • Commissioning Water Systems in accordance with BSRIA Guide BG 2/2010 and CIBSE Code W.

Surveys and Validations

Aventus Environmental provide specialist Survey and Validation services investigating the existing performance and physical condition of our clients Heating, Ventilation and Cooling Systems. Extensive and professional reporting acts as an important process of any Mechanical refurbishment enabling our clients to fully understand the extent of system performance of any project they are looking to undertake.

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